I love Self-Care.  Massages, facials, waxes, pedicures, saunas, you name it.  I realize self-care goes well beyond these “frilly” sorts of items, but for me, these things make me feel good about myself and better before undesirable situations.  Today, my husband and I went and got pre-surgery pedicures – his first ever!.  I know noone but myself is going to care about my toes while I’m recovering in the hospital, but I matter and I wanted to feel the best I possibly could during this time.  Just the experience of having a pedicure with my husband was worth it, and I’m grateful for a day I felt well enough to experience this.  Fellow UCers will know, there’s always a risk putting yourself in a situation where your “stuck” and there was definitely some hesitation before putting my feet in that water.  When the urge hits, you gotta go.  Period.  Today; however, went smoothly.

Pre-surgery care pedicure with husband

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