Recently, I had the honor of being prayed for healing by my dear aunt and uncle, and the pastor of their church. I felt unsure at first – not sure I had faith enough for it to “work”, but my mom and the pastor reminded of that the faith of others can step in where mine might be lacking. The care I felt during this process was genuine and humbling. During the prayer, the pastor made a very appropriate Freudian slip and mixed up the words “guts” and “belly” and ended up praying for my butt. Those with an understanding of UC will know this slip was a fitting replacement. I did not experience physical healing, but I left the church knowing I would be getting surgery and knowing that it was okay.

Knowing it is okay is truly a gift. I’ve often been frustrated wondering why some people have stories of miraculous healings and others do not. Today, I don’t feel that frustration. I feel grateful to be entering into the process of surgery with no fear, apprehension, or doubts. It is a gift to be able to sit here, not in anxious contemplation, but in excited anticipation over a procedure that will heal me.

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