It is my privilege to give the BIGGEST shout out to my husband and brag on him for a minute.  He has been my rock and my constant through this journey.  He was there from the very beginning when my symptoms began, and allowed me to share with him embarrassing information that is not the ideal topic of conversation for a newly dating couple.  He spent the day with me during my first colonoscopy prep, simply hanging out and watching movies with me.  He was patient and understanding through my disease induced fatigue.  He memorized the local bathroom locations and waited through hours of hospital visits.  When things got really bad, he cared for me as I was bedridden.

In between multiple work shifts and finishing up his final semester of school, he ran errands and went to the grocery store for me without complaint.  Every prednisone craving, or thought I had of something I could stomach, he brought to me.  After stopping the Specific Carb Diet and being on prednisone, I found these Gluten-Free blueberry muffins that Harris Teeter sold that became my go-to (I’ve followed a gluten-free diet since 2016).  After us purchasing ALL of the muffins from one grocery store location after multiple visits and them having not re-stocked yet, my man went to a second Harris Teeter to find my muffins and bring them home to me.  His support and unwavering caring has made this journey so much easier than it would have been without him.

We got married in February of this year – even after seeing all my health issues first hand, this man chose to marry me in the very midst of them.  The gratitude I feel for him being in my life is great.  We both opted for a courthouse wedding with our immediately family there.  Mind you, my chipmunk cheeks had not yet fully faded, but he never ceased to tell me that he found me beautiful and my fluffy cheeks cute.


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