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My Experience with Remicade

Remicade is an immunosuppressant drug known as a biologic that is administered via IV on an average schedule of every 6-8 week as determined necessary by the doctor.  Remicade was a godsend for 6 months of my life.  I have nothing negative to say about Remicade other than my disappointment at when it stopped working for me.  I had a total of 6 infusions with no reactions, and no anti-bodies.

Remicade works by decreasing something called TNF-Alpha in the body.  This can be one of the many factors that causes UC symptoms.  I hoped when Remicade failed, we could try another biologic called Humira because I read that it worked for many people when Remicade didn’t.  This was not an option for me.  Remicade and Humira are in the same class and both fight TNF-Alpha.  I now understand that people switch from Remicade to Humira due to the creation of antibodies by Remicade.  In my case, the level of the drug in my system was at a therapeutic level and I had no antibodies, so switching to a drug of the same class would most likely not benefit me.

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