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Angela’s (random) Tips for UC


Staying hydrated is essential with UC.  Dehydration can occur quickly, and aside from its dangers, the misery level of UC’s symptoms increase tenfold.  Even on good days, I mix 1/2 cup of Pedialyte (grape – it’s the only way to go) with 1/2 of water every morning.  On bad days, I drink as much of this as I can.  Another option for staying hydrated is IV fluids.  There are now places, aside from hospitals, where you can get this service.  It’s not cheap, but in desperate times can be beneficial.  Hydrate Medical is a local one I found and used on occasion with no complaints.


They reduce nausea and pain, plus they’re cathartic!  There were times I took multiple baths a day in order to cope with the UC symptoms.


I take a variety of supplements.  Charlotte Wholesale Supplements is a local store in Charlotte that has the BEST prices and a very knowledgeable staff.  When I say best prices, I mean my husband can find his protein powder for $20+ cheaper than at other supplement stores.

Hospital Visits

I’ve had my share of hospital visits since December of 2017.  ER nurses and doctors have a special place in my heart.  I truly wish there was a way I could send each one I  interacted with some sort of personal thank you.  They probably wouldn’t remember me, but each experience I had was a positive one due to them.

Tips for hospital visits

  • If in doubt about whether or not to go, it’s usually best to just go to the ER – especially if you’re like me and you’ve hit your insurance deductible anyways.  There were so many times I fought it, but I don’t have one time that I regret going.
  • Find a local hospital that is not a trauma center.  The closest hospital to me is a great one, but it is a trauma center and the waits tend to be longer and to be honest – they treat your condition as a trauma.  Each time I’d go there I’d end up with a million tests done – ultra sounds, catscans, etc.
  • If available, use the provider’s app.  Another patient in the waiting room during one of my visits advised me of this.  We waited for 4 hours at the trauma center hospital on a night that a shooting had taken place with multiple victims, and things were not moving.  The other patient showed me how the provider’s app shows the wait time for each ER location.  We left the hospital, drove 20 minutes to an alternative location and walked into an empty waiting room where I was seen immediately.

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